With her huge passion for bridal, Mireille Bleines has been working as a stylist since the beginning of 1980. With her experience on directrice-level, she has been the creative spirit of the French bridal house Herve Mariage, heading up the design section until 2013. Known as the “famous Parisienne stylist”, she was the key of all success from Herve Mariage.
Over all the years, Mireille has always been fashion-forward, ahead of time with her designs, may it be from romantic to glamorous, from chic to elegant or from retro to classic. With her creative spirit she always adapted to new trends, designing bridal looks for all types of brides of all ages.
Whilst travelling the world, discovering countries, cultures and different ways of living in the Middle East as well as experiencing life in Spain from 2014 to 2016, Mireille got fresh inspiration for her creative life in bridal. Being inspired by these impressions from all around the world as well as by the spirit of the romantic capital of love, the capital of France, you can always find this specific Parisienne approach combined with a cosmopolitan flavour in each of Mireille’s collection; and so you do with Herve Paris.